DT3 server: not saving custom port number

Hi all! Thanks for being here!
I am trying to set up web sharing over the internet and am following instructions from the DT3 manual as well as the new Kissell book but I am stuck. I keep trying to set the port in Preferences > Server but every time I hit start DT changes my number and automatically assigns a random port number. In the DT3 manual it says “do not let DEVONthink set it automatically as the port number may then change every time you open the application” (p68), but I don’t see any checkbox or option to stop it. This is driving me mad! I know I am choosing high enough, available port numbers but I am not even to the stage where that should matter.

Any help is very appreciated!

I might have a solution. I found a mention about using port number 50000 on this thread - Login issue with the server - from user Bluefrog. That seems to be sticking for the moment. I wonder what the deal is?

You should be able to use an unused port, e.g. 8080. Could you please post a screenshot of the preferences? Thanks.

What port number are you trying to use?