DT3 Server on iOS/iPadOS

If I am looking for a more consistent/identical experience of using DT3 on both MacOS and iOS platform (assuming iPad only and I have wifi/cellular access 100% of the time), and given that the iPadOS 13 will support desk-top level webpage. Will using DT3 Server edition on the iPadOS achieve the purpose? Will DT3 Server be slow if only 4G is available? or the Server edition is already working well on iOS 12.3? Just considering to upgrade my DT3 license …

PS: I understand that smart rule, custom meta data won’t work in the browser, or am I wrong? How about script (guess not)?

The DT3 Server Edition will work via wi-fi/cellular access. As for will it be fast enough, this will be dependant on many factors such as the speed of both your mobile connection and the network that the Server is connected to. I would suggest that you trial the Server version and see if it meets your needs.

Smart rules and scripting are not supported in the web application however custom data will be added in the future.

Thank for the info.
As a follow up
(1) Will the server version only run on desk-top grade browser (ie iPadOS) or it can run on iOS 12 now?
(2) I have already purchased DT3 Pro, all I need is goto “Purchase License and Upgrade” in DT3 menu, but will I end up paying more for two consecutive upgrade (from DTPO to DT3 Pro to DT3 Server) than direct upgrade from DTPO to DT3 Server?
Thanks again

  1. The server version will run on iOS12.
  2. I am not sure what the upgrade pricing is however I will get Sales to answer your question.

About your second question, you can upgrade from DT3 and DTP3 to DT3 Server for the price difference between the two products. Please visit your user account and click the license you want to upgrade.

Got it. Thanks.