DT3: share attachments from Apple mail

it works but clicking an PDF attachment file in the main view it will stored as a picture (jpeg).
Open the mail in a single window + click the same PDF file and share to DT3 the result is a PDF file (which is correct).

This sounds like a bug of Apple Mail, DEVONthink’s share extension can only use the data provided by the source application. It can neither request data nor does it know what’s the source. But we’ll check if it’s possible to work around this.

when I open the files in the main view with “open attachment”, Apples Preview will open the files as PDF (the file names contain the extention PDF, so “save as” also work as exspected).

I just tried this, in both cases the PDF is shared as expected. Tried also IMAP and POP3 accounts. Did you share the PDF via the contextual menu too?

both the same (IMAP account) :

Which version of macOS do you use?

macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

problem reproduced ?

Not yet. On Mojave & Catalina it seems to work as expected but we’ll check this on High Sierra as soon as there will be more time.

Works as expected too.


Then the problem can only be in the configuration settings.
Are there special config options in the os system which are only reachable by terminal commands ?

None I’m aware of. Are attachments cached locally, see account settings in Mail?

Sorry for my late response.

In account settings in Mail I didn´t find any checkboxes or something else for attachment caching ?

I believe Criss is referring to this…

no Cloud account = no option for downloading attachments

It’s not just for iCloud accounts. It should generally be for any IMAP account.

you are correct … sorry.

“Download Attachments” is set to “all”