DT3 Smart rule - conditional


I am new to the group and the software. After some research I have come to a conclusion that DT3 is the way to go for paperless home office.

I have recently purchased the DT3 pro version

I am learning every day. I have a case which I will describe below.

I could not find solution anywhere. I have emailed support and I have been told that this function would most likely available in next major release. Therefore, it looks like scripting is the way forward, but I am not a person who knows how to write a script.

I am creating multiple smart rules to change metadata fields.
for example.
if file contains “VW”, change metadata car to “VW”

I copy the rule and replace word “VW” with “ BMW” and run rule

with this approach I need to create one rule for each car brand.

is there a way to create one conditional rule, that if a file contains “VW” or “BMW” the metadata changes to right car brand?

Looking forward for any suggestions.

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Currently there’s no easier approach but assuming that metadata means tags, then with the next release one action & rule will be sufficient:

Thank you fro your answer. As I have mentioned I am new to the software. Is the screenshot from the next release?
If not can you please advise how to get to “Add Tags From Document” as I cannot see it. All I can see is “add tag”.

Also would it add both tags “VW” and “BWM” or would it only add tag as per document (assuming document has got VW only, and only VW tag is added)

This is a screenshot of the next release.

Contrary to the “Add Tags” action it will only add the tags found in the document.

Sounds like next release is what I need. When do you plan to lunch the next release?
Is it DT4?

This will be version 3.1. We don’t announce release dates usually but this spring is a safe bet.

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thank you. looking forward to the release

Does that mean the document needs to have tags marked by hashtags or that the word simply needs to exist somewhere in the document or document name?

Will this work with all document types which contain text?

Hash tags are not necessary and all types will be supported.

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Excellent feature - so this will essentially have the same effect as creating individual smart groups searching for “Content” for each of the keywords?

Will this work with a string of multiple words in quotes, or only for tags of one word at a time?


Any entered tag is supported, quotes are not necessary.

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Very nice -thank you

Drool… Next release… Mmmmm… :drooling_face: