DT3 - smart rule on file upon indexing

Dear all, I have an external folder indexed in DT. When adding a new file to that folder (using Finder) the file gets automatically indexed in DT. Is there a way to act immediately in this newly imported file using a smart rule? like an “on index” trigger? Thanks.

The On Import event trigger works for indexed files as well. Here’s a simple example…

Tried with a clean database and it worked, thanks. I don’t know what happened. But somehow in the process of testing things I was able to “break” and indexed folder (i.e. adding / removing files into that folder using finder wasn’t reflecting changes in DT indexed folder). I’ll try to find out what I have done to make this happen.

Sounds good. :slight_smile:

Found the reason why a file was not being indexed. It was because that file was on DT’s trash. As soon as I cleared the trash, the file indexed again.

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Thanks for the follow-up - and yes, that would make sense.