DT3 Smart rule to avoid duplicated RSS entries

Take a look to the picture.

I have some Podcast RSS feeds from IVOOX that nobody knows why, use to generate new entries of old items. Same happens with other feeds.

Activating this smart rule sends to Trash all new duplicate added entries. The rule is run on synchronization, and if Sync is set to automatic, after each feeds synchronization, database is synchronized as well and the feeds are removed.

At least is working to me this evening.

EDIT: Thanks to @cgrunenberg, there is an event called “OnNews” that improves my approach.

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If you use the Delete action, the item will be immediately removed from the machine. Cleaner, but be careful with it.

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I know, I read from you in another post the same thing with Delete. That is the reason I sent to the Trash Bin. :smiley:

You could also use the event “On News” to immediately trash duplicates after refreshing of feeds.