DT3 - Some Thoughts

After using DT3 B3 for some time now, I would like to share some of my thoughts about the new version.

First of all, the new UI looks very modern now, much better than the previous version. I like this a lot. What is definitely missing though is an option to override the default light / dark mode - in other words, I would like to be able to manually set light view despite the fact my OS is running in dark mode.

I am pretty sure I haven’t figured out the majority of the new features yet, so I can just comment on what I have been using DT3 mostly so far, which is notetaking (for purposes of documentation and meeting minutes).

I like to take my notes in markdown and I definitely like the split view.

What I have experienced an absolute desaster are the exports of MD documents:

  • When in dark mode, exports in Word format end up in white font color. Word displays white pages, even though the OS is set to dark mode, so you get white on white.
  • What is totally inconsistent across the various export formats I have tried (PDF, Word, plain text, MD, richt text): newlines and white space. You never really “see before what you get” and you end up with differently formatted versions of your exports.

I hope to see significant improvemnt in the final version of DT3 in that regard.

Beta 4 will fix the conversions (the layout will nonetheless never be the same depending on the used format).

Also some thought, not important or anything. About the UI, I find these parts to be really black compared to the rest.

A little shade darker than the rest, would look nice.

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