DT3 Sorter behavior

With the DT2 sorter one could just drag a file on top of a huge icon and it went directly to the global inbox. Would it be possible to add the option to just drop files on the icon and have it do the same (without selecting a destination inside the sorter)?

Also, is there any reason why we can’t have the sorter active without launching DT3? (I’ve asked this before but there was no reply). Thanks.

I will looking into this as a option, although it may not be available in the initial v3 release.

We are no longer supporting having the Sorter as a separate application in v3.

Great, thanks a lot.

I figured that much by myself, I was curious as to the reasons for its removal, since it is such a useful tool. I can’t imagine it being for technical reasons, is it somehow related to licensing?

The main reasons were to provide a better integrated Sorter that could support a greater range of features now and in the future.