DT3 Sorter...does search...um, search?

I have DevonThink 3.0.4. I love the new version of the sorter, but have a question about it. There is a magnifier icon indicating to me that I should be able to search. But what am I searching? Because everything I try that I know exists doesn’t find anything. Is this just a misunderstanding on my part? Is search searching for something else???

The search field in the Navigation section of the Sorter is for quickly locating groups by name, like so…

There is a bug I just noticed though where the Sorter will accidentally detach from the menu bar and move unexpectedly as a docked tab. I am filing a bug on this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I can’t think of why i would want that. but ok, that explains why nothing showed up.

I can’t think of why i would want that.

You can’t think of why you’d want to search for groups? :thinking:

A primary purpose of the Sorter is for filing things into DEVONthink. Searching for a group allows quick access to drag and drop files to those locations.

Also, you can double-click a found group to open it in a new main window.

ok, makes sense. based on the ui and the preferences dialog, it seemed clear that it was a general search box.

Understood. Cheers!