DT3 Sorter scrolls long list of subfolders off the screen on second monitor

First, many congratulations to the DT3 team. It’s a fine, even essential application and I’m learning better how to incorporate into my workflow with each day.

I’ve run into one glitch in the new Sorter’s behavior, with a simple temporary solution, but which I hope can be permanently corrected in upcoming releases. I run a two-monitor setup, my MacBook Pro connected to a much larger monitor to its left on my physical desktop. The problem I’m describing affects the second monitor, which is where I do most of my work.

One of my databases uses deeply nested groups to organize .pdf files. At least one of these groups contains several dozen subgroups. At some point in the last few days I dragged a .pdf file from the desktop, via the Sorter, into one of those subgoups. As per expected behavior, after pausing over the parent group, the Sorter opened up the subgroups. I dropped the file into the appropriate subgroup and went on about my work. I’ve since discovered that the Sorter has retained that expanded state – group open, subgroups open; again, that makes sense. But if I now click on the Sorter icon in the menubar on the second monitor, after a very brief pause, the list of groups automatically scrolls up to reach the previously-used subgroup (I believe), scrolling the top of the list off the top of the screen. I’m unable to scroll up to access the top of the Sorter window, or to reach any databases or groups that are now hidden from me. If I go over to the MacBook screen and click on the Sorter icon there, this behavior doesn’t occur, the group hierarchy drops down from menubar. I can collapse the subgroup hierarchy there. Going back over to the main monitor I can now access the complete Sorter group hierarchy on the second monitor.

So, that works, if a bit clumsily. I’m wondering, is this a bug or is there some other way to get the Sorter to behave a little better on a two-monitor system?

Thanks for letting us know about this issue, I will take a look.

This is still a problem for me. MacBook Pro with ~27 inch external monitor and with the sorter positioned on left side of external monitor.

If I open the sorter and then open some subfolders in current database, so that the full list of all folders involved does not fit on the vertical screen size, I can scroll downward to see the lower part of the list (and the top of the list scrolls up and out of view). But if I scroll back up, I can’t get to the very top. Using the mouse to scroll, the panel shows some of the “near top” list but bounces back down. If I click on a folder name and use the cursor up key, the folder highlight moves up and eventually disappears “above the monitor”, if you get what I mean.

I can press ESC to shrink the sorter back to a tab, but clicking the sorter tab opens the sorter to the same state. Even closing DTP3 and invoking it again doesn’t help.

Using preferences, if I redefine the location of the sorter tab on the laptop’s right edge screen and then open the sorter, then the display of folders begins at the top (whereas the bottom is not in view), but I can scroll down to the bottom and then back up to the top of the list. Switching the sorter back to the external monitor reproduces the problem. Also, just rebooted the Mac, the problem persists.

A temporary and failed solution: put the sorter on the MacBook’s screen, open the files and collapse the outer folder. Then move the sorter back to the external screen. Then I can get to the top of the files list.But if I expand the outer folder, the issue returns.

Also wanna add something here.

I keep the Sorter-Tab on the bottom right side. Sometimes sorter window appears just low and it is hard to look into folders to put the item in, when clipping since the window is low.