DT3 Sync / Server - Possible conflicts? Teamwork?

I am trying to decide on upgrading to the server edition and I am hoping someone can help me. I have two questions:

  1. I have an iMac and a Macbook pro and I want to be able to sync between them. As I understand it I can only be running DT on one machine at a time in order to avoid sync conflicts. But in order to access databases via a web interface “DEVONthink needs to be running and will only serve open databases” (manual p.156). Is it possible to keep synced, local copies of my databases on my two machines and use the web interface? If so how can I avoid a tragic mess? Sometimes the internet connection to my main machine at home (iMac) is wonky so I like to have a database copy on my laptop that I don’t need internet access for.

  2. I think the server edition gives me the collaboration possibilities that I have been using tools like Zotero groups for, without purchasing more ‘seats’. Is there a cap on how many people you can share a database with? I am a student and work on research projects with others. Can I add my research teammates to a database hosted on my iMac and/or on my laptop?

Thank you all for your knowledge! I have been using DT since 2010 but have never really used it to its potential and I hoping to change that with the new version!

Your local DT database should only be accessed by one machine at a time. But you can have mutliple machines (if licensed) each of which has its own local copy of the database and each of which syncs to a shared sync store such as in Dropbox.

I have 2 Macs set up this way an also run the web server and it works fine. The web server does not have a separate database; it simply is a means of accessing one of your local machines.

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Just to clarify: You don’t add my research teammates to a database hosted on my iMac and/or on my laptop.
This isn’t a matter of semantics but ensuring no misunderstandings since it’s not similar to sharing documents on Google Drive, etc. or using the Collaborate button in an iWork app like Pages.

The Server version allows per-database user permissions to be set for users accessing a database in a web browser.

Web sharing is covered in more detail the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Web sharing and Preferences > Server.

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