DT3 - syncing encrypted database to iOS version

I see one of the options in the File menu is to create a new encrypted database. I don’t recall this in version 2, so I assume it is a new feature (but maybe I just missed it).

My question - if it is new, does the DEVONthink To Go support encrypted databases, too, or can I only use them on the Mac?

Yes it is a new feature in DEVONthink 3.

It doesn’t support them in the same way as DT3, ie. they’re not going to be stored in an encrypted bundle but they can be synced between Mac and mobile.
This may be supported in a future release of DEVONthink To Go.

Awesome. Thanks for the news. Absolutely loving the new version, and looking forward to when it exits beta.

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Thanks, @evank
We appreciate your support and advocacy over the years too. :slight_smile:

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