DT3 - the real thing!

Having upgraded to the real thing (and discovered I have been a DEVONthink customer since 2006) I congratulate the development team on an excellent product.

Via this forum and the 7 betas I have learned a lot and know that I am going to enjoy using DT3 more than I did with DTPO. I am finding the Sorter particularly a pleasure to use.

Thank you.


Thanks and we’re glad to hear it!

I agree! I haven’t posted since the early betas – but just wanted to say how awesome DT is – I couldn’t do my job as well w/o it. And version 3 is even better – thanks for all the hard work that I’m sure went into it! - Jim

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I couldn’t do my job as well w/o it.

Yeah, neither could I ! :wink: :slight_smile: