DT3 unable to connect to iCloud database

I have just reinstalled macOS Catalina and DT3. Now, when I try to setup a sync with iCloud database,
DT can’t find it although it is still there, I can still browse it from my iPhone.
How can I connect DT to the iCloud database?

Did you set up the iCloud sync location in Preferences > Sync using the same encryption key?

Yes, I have tried all the passwords I could think of, still no luck.
If it gave me an error of “Wrong Password” or something to that effect, at least I would know that I’m providing the wrong password. But it just accepts any password and not showing anything as the remote DB.

A screenshot of the error message would be useful.

That’s the problem! There is no error message. So here is what I’m doing:

  1. Open DT
  2. Go to Devonthink 3 -> Preferences
  3. Go to Sync
  4. Click on iCloud
  5. Enter any password and click OK
  6. Here is what DT shows me after that:
    Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 16.25.24
    So there is NO error message that I entered a wrong password.
    Although I just checked my iPhone again, and the database is still there, with all my info.

And nothing in Windows > Log either?

Ah, yes, now I see that I’m entering the wrong password after all!
It did finally sync my database.