DT3 - unusably slow

I am using the latest DT3 beta, with a copy of my main database developed with DT2. Problem: simply opening a small PDF document (< 1mb) takes about a minute. Performance is normal with the same DB under 2.x. I am on a 2018 MacBook Pro, running Mojave.

The db (built under DT2) is big, 43 GB. That size is itself a question for me, as everything in the DB is indexed, not copied into DT. The original files are on a fast external hard drive.

Anybody else seeing this slowness under DT3? Any ideas as to why the database should be so huge, when all documents are indexed?

The db (built under DT2) is big, 43 GB.

Where are you seeing this?

Where? I’m sorry - what is the question? The DT database is on my system drive, while the files being indexed are on an external USB hard drive.

You said the database is 43GB. Where are you getting this size?

Right-clicking the file in the finder and choosing “Get Info”.

Can you post a screencap of DEVONthink, showing an indexed part of the database?

Do you know what your Preferences > Backup was set to in DEVONthink 2.x?

“Backup and Optimize” = weekly
Archiving 3 backups

Could you hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.We may have to dig more deeply into this.

Okay, I have done so. Hopefully it will be enlightening :slight_smile:

@jlp do you see this every time you open a pdf? What happens when you open a pdf, then switch to another file (text file). Does reopening the pdf slow down again?
I have this with other apps where the data is on external disks as they seem to suspend and restart

This happens with any type of document, with that particular database.

I have since created a database with DT3 (the one I described above was created with DT2), and I do not see the problem. The only bug so far is that DT3 crashes if I feed it huge folders while building the database. Breaking it down in smaller chunks works, though.

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