DT3 using more memory than DTPO2

I created a test database in DTPO2 with just 32 RTFD files in it.

Looking in the Activity Monitor I saw that DTPO2 was using 117.3 MB of memory:

I closed DTPO2 and opened the database in DT3 and saw in the Activity Monitor that DT3 in comparison was using 319 MB of memory:

That’s nearly three times the RAM being used. What could account for this discrepancy? I tend to have separate databases for separate categories of work as much as possible to optimise performance, but when I open more databases the RAM used quickly increases to 500 MB, and that’s before I’ve started doing anything substantially.

I’m wondering if I’m missing some preferences setting or similar in DT3 that’s known to increase RAM usage. Or maybe the DT3 beta still has aspects which impact memory usage that the release version won’t have?

Just a quick test on my side, and for me, DT2 and DT3 are using comparable amounts of memory.

Or maybe the DT3 beta still has aspects which impact memory usage that the release version won’t have?

Of course. This is beta software. Many optimizations occur before the final release.

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Exactly. I thought the feedback might be useful.

What’s the memory right after launching version 2/3 and right after opening this database? The memory usage might increase in both versions while using the database as not all data is loaded while initializing it (but cached afterwards to speed up things like see also & classify, concordance or searching).

Theses values were obtained immediately after opening the application and then opening the test database by File > Open Database. No other operations were performed.

Thanks for the info! And what’s the memory usage just after launching both versions?

You mean without loading any databases?


BTW: Is the content of the global inbox identical in both versions?

OK I’ve just tested again without loading any databases in each case and the values are:

113.6 MB

267.9 MB

Neither version has anything in the global inbox.

Thanks! The difference is probably caused by the new features/interface and the linked frameworks. The memory usage of the databases should be more or less the same.

I’m working with an iMac with 32GB of RAM. I know the memory is there to be used, but I was just wondering if this was ‘normal’, and how things might go, looking ahead, when I’m working with larger databases.

There are other applications that seem to require large amounts of RAM - Lightroom in particular. I guess there’s always the sudo purge command if it seems ‘critically stale’.

As a matter of interest, what values do you obtain when you do the same thing as above?

168 MB after launching DEVONthink 3 (one window visible), 50 MB after closing the window. Global inbox not empty.