DT3 v3.8.6 - Preferences>Data>Custom Metadata

I realise that the setting for Custom Metadata is global but (1) is it or would it be possible to restrict a Custom Metadata to a particular database?

Or (2) if not to at least hide any of the c/m fields to the database concerned without those fields having to be hidden in other databases?

Or (3) is the only workaround to hide the c/m fields not needed in a particular database when using that that database and then when using another database where the hidden fields are hidden unhide them?

No, as has been discussed here before.

No, afaik.

Tags are database-specific, custom metadata are not.


Noted, thank you.

Another question concerning c/m. With a field that is multi-text or rich text, is there a way to find out whether the field contains any content without having to manually look at every entry? I have in mind a search term ‘is empty’ or ‘is not empty’.

While @cgrunenberg would have to comment on if this is intentional, this works nicely…

I have a rich text attribute named Body. Using the Advanced search options, I can easily choose this attribute and set it to is but leave the text field empty.

You can see the raw query in the search field as well - mdbody and the is operator - ==, so this can be typed manually or used in a script as well.

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