DT3: View all tags? Resize images in rich text?

Hello everyone. I have been loving DevonThink2 for creating a database for a large research project. I am interested in DT3 but I also fear the new. I have two questions about the new version: Can anyone tell me if the new version allows you to expand the tags bar to see all tags, even if they extend past the first line? Second, does the new version allow us to resize images in rich text? I never figured out how to do that in DT2, so they paste in wider than the document and are hard to read without opening in preview.

Thanks for your help!

The Tags bar isn’t resizable but the Tags field in the Info inspector/popover is automatically resized.

No. The new version adds an option to automatically scale too large images in formatted notes and rich text & Markdown documents.

The option to rescale images is found in Preferences > Editing