DT3 vs DT2 Inbox

Forgive me if I’m missing something obvious here, but in my test-driving of DT3 I open my DT2 database and can’t find my global inbox. The main “Inbox” in DT3 is empty. Is the behavior of the global inbox different, and should I manually copy the one inside DT2?


The global inbox isn’t migrated - it’s separate from the other databases and sits in your user library. It’s left alone because you might decide to stick with DT2. I got round this by copying all my global inbox content into a DT2 database (I made a temp one for the purpose) and opening that dB in DT3 to copy the content into that global inbox.

You could also do it by copying the content in the Finder, but that requires digging into your Library


OK, thanks a lot for your help.