DT3 - Your Favorite thing?

As @molgar says, that is what I was refering to.

I’ve moved my indexed content (mostly a zillion and half of scanned PDF) from iCloud Drive to my new NAS with read/write cache, saving 10 EUR/month (well, 7 EUR as I still maintain 200 GB).


So far, here is my list:

  • Wiki Links while on preview
  • Multimarkdown support
  • CSS for Markdown preview
  • The new sorter
  • The new UI
  • ePub support
  • The new search (although I would love if it could list all occurrences of a specific word in the side-pane also for text documents, like it does for pdfs)
  • Custom metadata
  • The inspector pane (although I still haven’t been able to make sense out of the Related Words diagram.

Silly question, but is there a way to view the DT3 docs from outside the app, say on my mobile phone at a coffee shop?

Welcome @MFDoom

That’s what DEVONthink To Go is for. :wink:
Otherwise, no it’s not possible.

I may have not been clear. I’d love to read the new DT3 docs away from my computer. I have DTTG but it seems to reference the old docs. I feel like I may be missing something basic because all I see is DDTG 2.7.1 docs in the mobile app.

because all I see is DDTG 2.7.1 docs in the mobile app.

The documents in DEVONthink To Go are for DEVONthink To Go, not DEVONthink, 2 or 3.

The PDF manual is not ready for beta release yet. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • the new way to annotate is one of my favorites - that little area in the info panel, creating a RTF located in the Annotation folder, quick and nice
  • is it a new feature to have tables within RTF docs? not sure, however, the annotation RTF files can hold a lot of reach text - I really like that
  • ahh, forgot this one: the new search bar, including global search, well done!

AND I’M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO HAVE THIS IN DT2Go AS WELL :slight_smile: sometimes in the near future, hopefully… (sorry for being loud)

what I am missing in the annotation RTF, that is created when entering a text in the annotation field of a file, is a link in the RTF to the original document. Is this anything that can be added automatically in a next update? Maybe @cgrunenberg can answer this?! Otherwise I have a lot of annotation RTFs in the annotiation folder, and it’s difficult to get back to the original files.

It’s already there - though not automatic.

See Help > Documentation > Inspectors > Annotations & Reminders > Annotations > Insert Back Link.

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as bluefrog already mentioned, there is a little, hm what is it actually…a small button that brings a pop menu with „insert back link“ - @BLUEFROG you‘re pretty quick in answering :+1: even if it is a RTFM issue - highly appreciated!

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WOW!!! The Documentation is simply unbelievable great, everything is there…

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Thanks! It’s a work in progress and the culmination of many months, but I’m pleased (and relieved) how it has turned out. :slight_smile:

I want to try it too. What sync method are you using?

I am scared to leave Lightroom as I was using as the centrepiece of my workflow for more than 10 years but know I listen that Adobe wants to double the price of the LR+PS subscription so maybe is the moment to rethink my workflow and move to Capture One or ON Raw.
For Culling, I am using Photomechanic that is great, but not for iPad. I always think about how I can integrate DevonThink on my workflow, but I can’t figure out beyond keep some documents of the customers.

I use WebDAV through the same NAS, but another shared folder than the indexed files, and user another account.

DEVONthink is not intended as a DAM application. See this…

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Short question regarding the documentation: Is it possible to download it? I’ll have a long train ride upcoming tomorrow with no internet access most of the time (no, not even cellular :sweat:) and would love to dig deep into it. Thank you!

Sorry, but no. A PDF version should be available in the next beta build but I can’t give you a timeframe on its release.

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@Cashew90, if you have DEVONthink installed on a laptop, you can view the offline help by going to the Help menu -> DEVONthink Help

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Thank you and @BLUEFROG! “Unfortunately”, I use an iPad when being away from my desk, so I can’t use DT3. But no problem, thank you anyway. :slight_smile: