DT3b - funny little bug on splitting document

This is a fun little one:

In my global inbox I have a pdf with three pages. The file is called “Test 21.01.2000” - the digits being a date (German nomenclature, equating to the 21st January 2000). In inspector I now mark the first and second page and choose “split document” from the context menu. The document is split; the new document is now called “Test 21.01 2001”; note the second . is missing and the year has upped one. Apparently DT3 is interpreting the 2000 as a document number (where there is no number at the end of the file name, the document becomes number 2, otherwise number plus 1).

Although I first noticed this bug in beta 5, it was certainly present in previous betas; I just didn’t notice that the files I had split had been renamed.

Perhaps this could be solved by appending “(Part x)” (where x is 2 or digit from original file +1) rather than taking the number at the end of a file name and adding 1 to it.

:stuck_out_tongue: Confirmed.

Thanks, the next release will fix this.