DT3b2 annoying search bar behavior


  • Launch DT
  • Drill down into a folder of a database in the left pane
  • Click on that folder to see its contents
  • Realize you don’t see anything because something is entered in the search bar
  • Click on “X” in the search bar
  • The entire folder hierarchy you’ve just expanded has collapsed back and you have to do it all over again

I believe this isn’t the expected behavior.


Is the preference to automatically expand the sidebar (see Preferences > General) en- or disabled?

It is enabled, but I can’t see what the effect of turning it off is.

This option both expands and collapses the sidebar automatically.

I can’t seem to see any difference between the two preference states when trying the above again. Actually I think it was a bug, because when I try it now (whether the preference is on or not), the selection simply goes back up to the root group when I clear the search field (which is still annoying) rather than collapsing the entire hierarchy. This has only happened once so far and I can’t reproduce it reliably.

If you should be able to reproduce this, then screenshots before/after searching would be great. Thanks!