DT3b2: bring back thumbnail preview for items in group, please

DT2 was showing a thumbnail overview of all items in a group in the preview pane when the group was selected in the document list. This was especially valuable for image groups but also for visually navigating other document collections such as presentations or ebooks. Currently the preview pane stays blank when selecting groups instead of documents. Please bring it back.

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Thanks for the feedback! While this would be of course possible, this is actually intended to make the user interface simpler and less confusing. In version 2 only split icon view and columns view supported this whereas in version 3 a similar setup would be the combination of sidebar and icon view.

But in the new setup I am required to manually switch to icon view for all these groups. Which is utterly tedious and the contrary of simple. Especially on my 13" screen where I normally hide both the left group sidebar and the right inspector sidebar for obvious reasons. I fail to see how this would make navigating the content of the database simpler in any way.

Also, to me it actually does not makes sense that a selected group displays nothing in the preview window. Apart from the massive waste of screen space: why not treat a group like any other resource? An html file for example can also be considered a collection of resource nodes that get rendered (just with a bit more structural and semantic information provided by the markup). The old behaviour was conceptionally more consistent in that respect.

I agree with Brsma. It is sometimes very helpful to have both views (list and thumbnails) available at the same time. I never got confused by this view option. It is a good additional possibility to adapt the surface to my preferences. And it saves me the extra switching between list view and thumbnails via the display bar.
I would be happy if this function would be integrated again in DV3.

Except for this small disadvantage, I am very impressed by DV3. I especially like the tags cloud.

Welcome @AndiS

I especially like the tags cloud.

Glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

I quite agree.

Any update on this? @cgrunenberg

Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences > DisplayGroupsInPreviewPane

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