DT3b2 - Document highlighted but not focused after closing/reopening app window

Follow the following steps to reproduce this:

  1. In DT3 view pane (as list) highlight a document by clicking on it; the document is now shown in the preview pane and details are shown in the inspector pane.
  2. Close the DT3 window by clicking on the :red_circle: close symbol or by using ⌘W; don’t quit the app.
  3. Reopen the DT3 window by clicking on the DT3 icon in the Dock.

You will now see that the previously highlighted document is still highlighted - but the preview pane is empty, as is the inspector pane; i.e. the document behaves as though it were not highlighted. It actually isn’t possible to highlight the document - clicking on it places the cursor for changing the name of the document. The only way to highlight the document so as it appears in the preview pane is by selecting a different document and then reselecting the original document.

Thanks for reporting this, beta 3 will fix this.

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fixed in b3 by a change in behaviour. Thanks :slight_smile: