DT3b2 - How do I drag and drop a pdf which has a URL attached?

I’m trying to drag a pdf from the list pane into an e-mail, which I am writing. Usually, if I simply drag the document from the list view into the mail, a copy of the document is dropped into the mail. If I do the same thing with a document which has a URL associated with it (see Inspector - URL) then it is not the document but the URL which is dropped into the mail. How do I change that behaviour? Using “Send by Email” does attach the document rather than a URL to the mail, but means I have perform that step first, rather than writing the mail and then attaching the document.

Thanks for your ideas and help :exploding_head:

Edited to add: if I can’t currently modify the behaviour, I wonder whether a modifier, e.g. the option-key might be added? Would that be useful for other ppl too?

I cannot reproduce this. (Every PDF I have that was created via web download or the DEVONthink clipper has a URL.) Can you drag the PDF to the desktop successfully?

What version of DEVONthink are you using?

Thanks - that’s interesting; I’m using DT3b2; I can drag the file successfully to the desktop, but I cannot drag it to Mail 12.4 on macOS 10.14.5. If I delete the URL attached to the file it behaves “normally”, so I feel it has something to do with having a URL…

It’s Mail’s decision which data is actually used, DEVONthink can only provide as much data for drag & drop as possible but doesn’t know anything about the receiver.

I’m seeing this behavior as well. I tried copy/paste and only get the link as well. How should we get the pdf into an email while in the middle of composing an email? I used the “show in finder” to find the pdf to drag it in but that is not a great solution I think…

It’s unfortunately an issue of Apple Mail. Not providing the URL to drag & drop would fix this but probably break other workflows. The best solution is therefore currently to use Send by Email command first.

Thanks Criss; presumably you can’t realise a modified drag&drop-behaviour (i.e. suppress the URL) with a modifier key (e.g. when pressing option and performing d&d the URL is suppressed)?

(Disclaimer: I have absolutely no expertise in this area)

The next beta will include a workaround which doesn’t require modifier keys and shouldn’t affect other apps.

User: “I’ve got a minor problem”
DT: red light flashes
Criss: “Aaaaah, a user’s not 110 % happy with our product! Bring me coffee, tell my wife I’m not coming home! Now for a workaround in Beta 3!”

You guys are pretty amazing!

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Thanks so much Criss!

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Actually I’m working in my home office :slight_smile: And yeah, sometimes I feel like that lately :open_mouth:

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fixed in b3 - thanks :slight_smile: