DT3b2: improving ‘Go to…/Move to…’ even more

First of all: the new Go to… and Move to… implementations absolutely rock. :+1: Navigation is way more fluid now than it used to be. It would be even more fluid if they recognised the current location and selected it as a starting point.

Suggested behaviour:

  • select current location as default choice in both panels on activation
  • any cursor key navigates the hierarchy (left = one level up, right = first element one level down if available)
  • any non-control key sets the focus to the search field (current behaviour from there on)

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases. As we’ve received other suggestions, it’s not yet clear what would be really desired by most users. E.g. currently left/right arrow keys are used in the search field and that’s useful in case of a typo.

This would be solved by binding left/right to hierarchy navigation only as long as the search field has not gotten focus by typing a non-control key. (Focus between search field and folder tree then might still be switched by tab, for example)

At least currently it’s not even possible to switch the focus. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the focus or pressing tab (likewise in the See Also & Classify inspector). Just enter the search term and press down/up arrow keys & Return.

Agree. I just added this in case anybody should complain about the modality of the suggested left/right key behaviour :wink: