DT3b2 Inspector points to the wrong document

Hello again! I am working through a large number of files in my inbox; I mark a file in the view pane (list view), open Inspector using ⇧⌘I; the Inspector has an inline “arrow” on the left side of its window - this points to the document I have selected. I enter metadata in the “generic” area. If I enter any data which changes the order of the documents in the view pane (list view), the arrow on the Inspector window no longer points to the document which is being edited (i.e. neither does Inspector move (good) nor does the list automatically jump to where the document now is in the view pane (list view)). When I have finished entering metadata, I send the document to the group selected by classify, using ^c. Inspector now shows the details of the next file in the list. If that file is toward the bottom of the list, Inspector will still show an arrow, but it won’t point to the document currently being displayed. That goes so far as that if there is no document left below the document last worked on, Inspector will remain blank, but still point to a file (see screenshot).

Sometimes Inspector will lose the arrow on the left side of its window, although I haven’t quite figured when it does that.

When the sort order does not change during entering metadata (e.g. the list is sorted by the modified date, and I don’t change that date) everything works as expected - Inspector points to the file it is displaying and which is highlighted grey.

Screenshot showing Inspector pointing toward a document which is not highlighted; in fact no document is being displayed at all.

Beta 3 will fix this.

fixed in b3, thanks; just to point out: if in full-screen the last document in the list is selected, inspector will point to the one before last document (because the arrow can’t move far enough down and the inspector has to stay on screen).