DT3B2 Markdown Clipping not working properly

The markdown clipping in the beta 2 of DevonTHINK 3 is broken… instead of clipping a page in markdown markup it clips the page in html markup. You can see it in the bellow screenshot that the extension of the file is md but the markup is html.

This is a huge dealbreaker with related to this beta… I’m downgrading to the first beta. :slight_smile:

In relation to this… I really think that the clipper should be improved and I really think it could take some nice features from the Evernote one, like clip just the selected text or the clipping options for specific pages like Amazon or LinkedIn.

Some of the big failures of the clipper —at least related to markdown— are that sometimes it doesn’t clip anything at all… just the tittle of the page and the link to it, it it clips just a small part of the page. This is something you can really test when you are clipping on Stack OverFlow.

I’m a huge fan of clipping on markdown because it’s a really lightweight way to have the most important parts of a web —usually the text— in a clean way. Not only that, but you can apply your own CSS that is an incredible plus.

I came from Evernote to DevonTHINK for several reasons and Markdown markup was one of those reasons. I really hope DT will improve and give more support to that markup.

This is a known issue and will be fixed by beta 3.


Due to the ever-changing technologies employed by web designers, not all pages can be successfully clipped. (And yes, even Evernote’s clipping extension fails at times.) You could browse the page in DEVONthink and clip it from there. This may have a better chance of capturing those problematic pages.

Note: There is no “clipping standard”. These things are developed independently and with their own solutions. Though our extension works in many instances, we have it on our list to enhance in the future.

(Also, note that Evernote has 300+ employees and millions of dollars in funding. We are a small development house, completely self-contained and funded through our sales alone. And at one point, I heard rumor (though I didn’t try and substantiate it) they had at least 40 people working on the clipping extension technology.)

The clipping extension will be updated as time allows. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I know, I know!

I was just pointing to something I’ve used, I liked and usually works well. I know that sometimes it doesn’t work either and that well.

I don’t know how many employees Evernote has… but they aren’t delivering a product as complete as yours.

By the way… something I often use in conjunction with DevonTHINK to manage my markdown notes is Typora —I also use Sublime Text— but Typora has a great interface and a great capacity to transform copied html —from a website— or any other formatted text into markdown.

At least according to Wikipedia lots of employees (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evernote).