DT3b2 PDF Zoom failing to honour settings


Can’t remember noticing this is in Beta 1, but in Beta 2 (on High Sierra), the PDF view in preview won’t accept the settings and keeps defaulting back to Zoom to Fit.

I have Media > Single Page, then apply Zoom > Fit to Width on a pdf in a group. My understanding is that this should then apply to every PDF in the group. It doesn’t: instead every PDF reverts back to Zoom to Fit and I have to reapply the setting for every PDF.

Am I missing something?


It’s a global setting, it should be used by all PDF documents afterwards. Did you view the document in its own window? A screenshot of Preferences > Media might be useful too.

Yes, that’s what I was expecting — never had a problem with it before, but it was definitely not working last night. However, that was on the laptop (High Sierra) and I’ve just had a chance to try on the desktop (Mojave) and it’s working fine here.

I’ll do some more testing on the laptop later on (reboot, clear caches, reinstall etc) and report back.


Back on the laptop and High Sierra – the problem’s still there, even after cache emptying and reboot.

I’ve set an email to support, with a screen recording and logs.


UPDATE (in case anyone else is having this problem…)

Had a discussion with support and it looks like it’s an issue with High Sierra, which is being investigated.

Automatic scaling (see contextual menu of PDF view) wasn’t enabled on High Sierra. We’ll probably add a more obvious preference.

Sorry, Criss.

Just to be clear: are you saying that this is a problem with the DT3 build for High Sierra — that behind the scenes it’s not recognising that the the ‘Automatic Resizing’ option is enabled? Or that I hadn’t set the option?

Because I do have that option set in the context menu, and it’s not being respected (ie the screen recording I sent you already had that option set).

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood…