DT3b2: Tagging improvement

Another kudo: I was absolutely delighted to discover the elegant LaunchBar-style object navigation/selection not only in the Go to/Move to panels but also in the tag field. Thank you so much for that! Still, the current behaviour is optimised for assigning new tags as a default. The default use case for me (and assumably many others) would be to assign existing tags, though. Currently this requires additional key presses.

Suggestion: make selecting existing tags the default over creating new tags. As for the UI: the tag exactly as typed would remain as first option in the popup list but the selection would stay on the next item below (i. e. the first suggestion from the existing tags), to be confirmed by return. Assigning a new tag would then require typing either _cursor up _and return or clicking on the new tag. This would not only speed up tagging items but also reduce erraneous tags in the database due to simple typos (happens quite often, alas).

If in doubt, add a switch to the preferences, please :wink:

This means that instead of a completely sorted list of suggestions you would like to see the typed tag right inserted before the suggested tag in the list?

I will make a sketch for you to clarify.

Are you referring to the bar at the bottom of the screen or am I missing something?

I am referring to the suggestion algorithm. It is not required anymore to type the exact term as-is. Instead it rather works in a kind of shortest edit distance manner such that the letters typed simply need to appear in the term. If your group or tag e. g. would be named devonthinkpro you might simply type dtp now to get a match because the search gets turned into something like *d*t*p* (i. e. with wildcards inserted inbetween) behind the scene.

BTW: LaunchBar even learns by adjusting the weight of search results according to what option you chose. This makes it incredibly effective the more you use it. I do not know if something similar is getting built into DT now, as well. It would be great, of course :slight_smile:

Aha! I had imagined some kind of pop-up bar for tagging, Alfred/LauchBar-style :smile:
Thanks for clarifying that!