DT3b2 widescreen view bug

Apologies if this has been reported (multiple) times before…

If the view is set to widescreen mode (⌘7), then you search for something, edit then cancel the search (i.e. click on the “x”) then the view defaults back to the standard mode (⌘6). I presume this is not intended?

Are you referring to searching in the main search in the toolbar?

I’m not seeing an issue here.

Here’s a .gif of it happening. Actually the display jumps very soon after I start typing in the search bar (look at the bottom left-hand corner—it is switching by itself). Possibly this is intended behaviour? It is somewhat annoying though, as I have to manually switch back to my preferred viewing mode.

Ahh… “A picture is worth 1,000 words”. Yes, the switch is normal as the search results are presented with the Standard preview. However, it should switch back to Widescreen preview when you clear the search field.

Ah, I see, that makes sense.
Well, it’s definitely a bug then, as it does not switch back after clearing the search field at the moment.

Are you just highlighting and deleting the text or pressing the X to clear the field?

Highlighting and deleting the text. If I click the X it seems the view reverts correctly. (Sorry my original post was incorrect).

@cgrunenberg would have to assess if this is a bug, but I’d guess it’s intended since the text field still has focus, ready to accept another search.

Hmm, something is strange though. I just tested it again and now the view is no longer switching:

I haven’t changed anything (ignore the fact that the background wallpaper has changed, this is not connected to DT3)

Strange. Criss will have to look at this. I’m not seeing an issue here right now.

I can’t reproduce this either so far.

I tried it one more time and the switching has started again:

Similarly if I start on middle view it also sometimes switches (to the right-most view!) and sometimes doesn’t: