DT3b3 Can't move document preview in metadata window

I scan a document using ScanSanp; the document is sent from SSH directly to DT3, which is set up to perform OCR automatically and then enter metadata. As such, following OCR the window for entering metadata opens.

On the left side of that window is a visual preview of the document. This preview can be resized using a pincer-movement on the trackpad, but cannot be swiped from side to side, up or down, even when resized. It also cannot be dragged. I can’t trigger scroll bars to appear.

This used to work, and for me is necessary for meta-data entry. Currently the only way to see different sections of a document is to resize, read the necessary data, shrink back to original size, place mouse over next area of interest, resize again and so on. I actually managed to move a resized document one single time, unsure how (I was drag-swiping-staring), and was not able to get it back in view - i.e. I was left with the grey background of the preview area and could no longer see the document. At this point a scroll bar appeared, but could not be dragged.

I have tried restarting, and have only seen this behaviour in DT3; can you confirm it’s a bug?

Thanks for all your great work!

This panel ad its preview are actually identical to former betas, it’s a standard PDF view of macOS. The display can be customized via the contextual menu. But depending on the used macOS version the default settings might vary.

Na, I think there’s something wrong; I’ve never before changed anything in the contextual menu here, but I’ve just found the following:

  • if I zoom in using the contextual menu, then I can scroll the document by swiping
  • if I zoom in by pinching on the track pad, I can no longer scroll the document (and regardless of what I do, the functionality does not return)

What seems to be happening is that it is not the document being zoomed by pinching, but rather the whole preview pane. This behaviour is not mirrored anywhere else.

I have always previously been able to pinch and move the document about in this preview window - and in DT2 still can (both devices on macOS 10.14.5, identical track pad settings).

Criss, are you actually able to reliably move the document having resized it by using a pinching motion on the track pad?

Weird. I just checked the source and user interface files of this panel, they’re all older than beta 1. And it’s only a standard PDF view plus some additional actions in the contextual menu. Are you sure this started with beta 3 and not with 10.14.5?

I’m not sure enough to bet my life on it, no - relatively sure. What I can say for sure is that the same phenomenon does not appear when using DT2 on 10.14.5.

To save my life, I have just installed DT3b1 on a further device; here everything works as expected. Updated to b3 - the problem I have described appears. Back to you, Criss :wink:

And the old beta on the same computer still works too? Definitely weird, especially as the PDF view of the PDFkit framework is a black box. E.g. it handles the scrollers or zooming on its own, DEVONthink doesn’t.

Fresh Mac which has never seen DT3:

  • installed DT3b1 (and made sure it couldn’t update to b3 by disconnecting from WLAN).
  • Imported file, the metadata window opens, I can move the document, resize it by pinching, everything works as it always has done.
  • Did the same with another file.
  • Updated to DT3b3 using the integrated updater
  • Imported file, the metadata window opens, moving the document in the window is slow, if I resize it by pinching then I can no longer swipe the document across, up or down (as previously described).

I’m going to leave this with you now and grad a cup of tea. If I can in any way help further, please let me know. Perhaps anybody else could confirm the problem; but it is unlikely to be isolated to me - seeing as it’s happening on two devices…

Okay, I’m seeing it too. Scrolling and and dragging isn’t possible in the preview window. This one is on 10.12.6 (don’t ask - it’s for support ATM) :stuck_out_tongue:

What OS are you on, @Blanc?

I’m on 10.14.5 - glad you’re seeing it too :see_no_evil:

Just to update: this bug persists in DT3b6 and macOS 10.14.6.

Aaaaand it’s gone - DT3.0.4 on Catalina 10.15.3. - thanks ppl :slight_smile:

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