DT3b3: Insert Quote

Thanks to DT for responding so fast to various bugs reports and to incorporate many users’ suggestions in the DT3b3. I think most of us are seeing DT3 a great app and also an open-system with so much potential.

Re the fantastic addition of “Insert Quote” function in the A&R inspector:
(1) I suggest DT3 also include the item in the contextual manual (ie after selection of text the contextual menu will have a “copy quote and page link” item) or least to consider including the quote-and-backlink in script folder?
(2) The developer probably knows this already: a few years ago, some members have developed different versions of script that can create quote-and-backlink not only for pdf but also for .txt/.rtf file by the technique of URL search command.

In fact, I am using a quick, dirty, patchy, and customised script to backlink citations from pdf or rtf files on daily basis. The best thing about using search URL is that those backlink can pinpoint the exact location of citation in the source doc (text or pdf). I’ll send this patchy script to @cgrunenberg, after their evaluation and modification - the script may become very handy.

Thanks for listening

I’m aware of these scripts but such links can easily break after editing the document. However, the beauty of AppleScript is that everybody can build its own tailored solution :slight_smile:

Absolutely agreed.

And @cgrunenberg just reminds me that there is also “copy paragraph link” in the contextual menu of RTF file. There are so many hidden treasures for different types of user/usage!