DT3b3 PDF selection in dark mode does not work

Both DT3b2 and DT3b3 do not show the selected text in PDF prior to highlight in dark mode. In normal mode you can see the selected text.

A screencap would be helpful.

Hey Jim @BLUEFROG, talking about dark mode, that bug with the icons is still there. Just so you guys know :wink:


Noted… and yeah, not all reported items are necessarily addressed in each build. Take a look at Help > Release Notes and perhaps you’ll see why :slight_smile:

I read it all :wink: Item per item.
Great job!

The credit goes to @cgrunenberg for the heavy lifting. :slight_smile:


Which version of macOS and which selection color (see System Preferences > General) do you use?

Which toolbar item is that actually? Over here all look fine.

It is one I added with a custom icon. Works fine on light mode.

Thanks, beta 4 is going to fix this.

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MacOS 10.14.5. In graphite nothing happens. In red (for example, the selection is done in a very ugly color). Attached are in red.

This is handled by the PDFkit framework of macOS, unfortunately due to its limitations since Sierra only Apple can fix this.


Day after day, Apple is less and less. (At least in macOS). :pensive:

I really would like to disagree but unfortunately I can’t because that’s how it is :slightly_frowning_face: