DT3b3 seems to be re-enabling keyboard shortcuts I have disabled

While I was testing DT3, I went into Keyboard > Shortcuts and disabled all the DT3 keyboard shortcuts. After a few days, I noticed that a number of them (such as Summarize and Append Rich Note) have had shortcuts added to them again.

What could have caused this? I tried quitting and restarting DT3 in case it’s doing it on launch, rather than on first launch only, but it didn’t trigger it.

If I’ve changed or disabled some of the shortcuts, I’d obviously like those changes to stick — there should maybe be a command to restore the default shortcuts, but it definitely shouldn’t happen without an explicit command from the user :slight_smile:

Are you running the internal beta or public beta 3?

This is actually a system preference, DEVONthink doesn’t (and can’t) modify this on its own. However, in my experience macOS sometimes resets settings after (re-)installing an app or update.

I’m running public beta 3, which is the first beta I installed on this machine. I don’t recall having reinstalled it, though, so I’m not sure what could have triggered that :confused: