DT3b4 : First impressions


I only note here the issues and fixes that I looked for immediately because I had reported them earlier for beta 3.

  • In Dark Mode, selecting an item flashes the viewing pane white for a fraction of a second before displaying it. This was definitely not the case in any of the previous betas and is a major annoyance. I don’t understand how this could have passed testing because it’s so visible and omnipresent, unless different macOS versions vary widely. I’m on 10.14.5.

  • I’m not sure how much caching makes this better than my previous struggles with large PDFs but performance and responsiveness seem to indeed have improved dramatically.

  • Highlighting can be undone in PDF so thanks a lot for that, wondering how come it got held up until DT3… :slight_smile:

  • Why were Arabic and Hebrew removed from supported OCR languages?


What did you actually select?

No beta so far supported this, it was a bug that these languages were listed in the preferences.

OK from my brief testing the white flash in Dark Mode happens when selecting Markdown, PDF+Text, HTML or Web archive. It does not happen when selecting TIFF, JPEG, Formatted Note and RTF (tried around 50 different documents in all).