DT3B4: Inspector showing details for wrong file

I have a list of documents; I select a document, open inspector using shift-command-i and enter metadata (specifically: change file name, change created date, add tags, attaching them to the document by pressing enter). I now send the file to a group using control-c. In the list, the highlight now jumps to the next document. However, Inspector continues to show the details of the file which I have just sent to a group. I feel this is counter-intuitive and that Inspector should always show the details of the highlighted file.

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Did you use Command-Shift-I or Command-Alt-I? In the first case the Info popover is opened but doesn’t supporty See Also & Classify (e.g. Ctrl-C), in the second the inspectors.

I use command-shift-I to open the popover; control-c works, because I also have the inspector pane open at all times on its see also and classify tab. On using control-c the document is correctly grouped, but the popover (which I called inspector in my original post, sorry) stays open (which is good) showing the details of the file I just grouped rather than the file now highlighted in the list (which is not good).

The popover is bound to the initially selected item. Maybe in upcoming release the popover will be detachable and be updated according to the current selection.

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Cheers; knowing that it‘s intentional, I‘ll adjust my workflow :wink: DT is nothing if not flexible.

But stay with the thought of later change - I feel that would be more intuitive behavior.

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DT is nothing if not flexible.

That’s part of its beauty and power!