DT3b4 : Preview highlights misaligned


In some PDF documents, highlights made in Preview (by opening the file using “Open With”) are misaligned when viewed in DT. This is not a slight misalignement, the distance is more like half a page vertically.

Please fix. Thanks.

A screen capture would be helpful.

I’m sorry, I tried my best with documents I can post online but I can’t reproduce this, it only happens on PDFs I can’t post unfortunately.

Hi, I reported another issue about the PDF-editor and I received this reply: “The issue is known and is a problem with Apple’s PDFKit. We have to build our own workaround for it.” I have no clue if your problem also is related to Apple’s PDFKit but apparently there still are problems with the PDF’s in DT3.

OK, thank you. I resorted to highlighting in Preview because of the frequent crashes I was getting when highlighting in DT. Apparently making PDF highlighting work consistently across applications is still an issue in 2019 :slight_smile:

PDFExpert is a great and affordable PDF-editor. I used to pay for and use Adobe-software, but PDFExpert works fine and is much cheaper. No OCR, but DT3 can do this when the pdf is imported.

Do you mean PDFExpert highlights are more compatible with DT than Preview?

No, just that PDFExpert is a good alternative. But, as you are asking this no… I will have a look in my database. In any case I do not have any recollection about problems with showing highlighted pdf’s in DT3. I will check/test… back in a few minutes.

OK, I just copied some text of our conversation into Word, exported as a PDF, opened and highlighted in PDF Expert and imported into DT3. The result is good.

I have not yet encoutered any problems seeing misaligned highlights in DT3 and I am working a lot with highlighted pdf’s.

et al: Applications like PDF Expert or Acrobat do not use Apple’s PDFKit.

OK thank you all, I wasn’t aware of these incompatibility issues, I’ll see if I can test drive PDFExpert.

Starting a support ticket and attaching a ZIP containing a problematic PDF or two would be helpful.

Did you choose Help > Report Bug and send us the logs?

No I did not. For now I’m just side stepping the issue with PDF Expert.

For now I’m just side stepping the issue with PDF Expert.

This is not very helpful is our ability to assess and potentially fix an issue.

Sending us the logs would be still appreciated, thanks.