DT3b4 Verify & Repair provides no feedback

Due to crashes (as described in a separate post) I used “Verify & Repair Database”. In one database an inconsistency was found; as such, a window opened offering me information and options. The other databases presumably contained no such error - using “Verify & Repair Database” provides no feedback whatsoever in such cases; there is no confirmation the “Verify & Repair Database” even ran, nor any information as to the result. There was no entry in the log for any of the Verify and Repair tasks (including the one that actually opened a window).

I restarted DT3, and ran the process again. No error was found in any database; now there are entries in the log for each Verify and Repair started since the restart.

So: Verify and Repair does not seem to always write a log entry. Verify and Repair runs without providing any information to the user, so long as no errors are found. This feels weird. At the least, something should show up in the activity area, I personally would favour a window.

A successful verification is actually logged to Windows > Log.

Yeah, weirdly initially it wasn’t - after restart and renewed verify, the process was documented in the log.

I still feel something I have to manually initiate should show a response (window, red light, whistling tune, anything). I agree it’s not earth shatteringly important, but would follow common rules of communication.

No news is good new… right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I agree with Blanc. With no feedback, the user who hasn’t tried this action before has no idea whether it’s good news, or a broken feature.

The message is logged to Windows > Log and by default this panel is automatically opened.