Dt3b5 email import bug

If I export a msg to a .eml file I can open that msg with either mail or thunderbird and it displays fine. (its one of those ads from almost any store); If I export that email from tbird to dt3, or run apple script from mail to add msg and attachment to DT3, then the msg gets into DT3 but shows as:

I’d be glad to email you the .eml file (seems to happen with most of the emails which arent just straight text)

I also note that when I click on the msg in DT3, then DT3 churns for 20sec or so before displaying the could not decode msg…

There is no issue here (and yes, DEVONthink attempts to prcoess and render the file).
You are seeing it in Text Alternative view. Choose View > Document Display > Best Alternative to view it via QuickLook like you’d see in Mail.

You can also set this as a preference by disabling Preferences > Email > Messages: Use alternative view.

Please zip the file and send the archive to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com - thanks!