DT3b6: OCR demo limit after entering licence

Hi there,

First of all, thank you for the amazing effort you put into DT3 and DT in general.

I switched from DT2 to DT3b6 a few days ago. According to the “editions page” for DT3 and a discourse topic (can’t link the topic here due to newbie restrictions; the topic is from Jul 2, titled “OCR demo limit in DT3b3”), I should have no limits for OCR after I enter my licence code. However, when I try OCR-ing something, I’m currently shown a “Registration DT3” window (the one you’re entering the licence code into) with my licence info. I double checked, and 1 used seat shows up in my DT account, so everything seems to be registered properly.

Am I missing something?

Sorry, my bad. I somehow missed that there are still 3 editions in DT3 and I have the Standard one.

No worries - and that is correct: the Standard edition does not have the OCR component.