DT3b6: search doesn't work in Trash?

I have a bunch of files in my Trash, e.g. these “Codrops” PDFs:

However, they do not show up when searching (neither in “All databases” nor in “Trash”):

That’s true for any other file in my Trash.

Is there any issue with searching in the Trash?

We strongly suggest you do not use the Trash as a filing cabinet (just as you wouldn’t in the real world).

Items you think you may need should be moved to a temporary location in a database, even the Global Inbox and the Trash should be emptied regularly.

PS: Searching in DEVONthink 2.x included results from the Trash and many people complained over the years because of the behavior.

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Ok, that’s what I needed to know. Thanks.

Yeah. It just happens that these files were in the trash.

No problem!