DT3b6 Smart Rule doesn't always identify text

I have a smart rule set to search in the inbox. It searches for All of the following: Content matches SEARCHTERM. I have copied the word SEARCHTERM per cut&paste from a pdf. The pdf is in the inbox. If I search for the search term using SEARCHTERM* scope:inboxes from the search toolbar, the document is found and the search term highlighted. The smart rule, however, does not react to the document. Using other words also found in the document, the smart rule works. Can anybody explain?

It’s possible that the PDF doesn’t contain this word as it’s concatenated with other words and therefore you have to use wildcards (e.g. word*) or the substring operator (~word). A screenshot of the smart rule plus a copy of the PDF converted to plain text would be useful.

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Cheers, using a wildcard solved the problem. Some more details, maybe others might find useful:

The pdf contains the text sometext 123
OCR mistakenly dropped the space, recognising sometext123
Although DT3 will find the search term if I search for sometext in the search bar, a smart rule using content matches will only find the content if it is identical to the search term, ie sometext123. Alternatively, as described by Criss, sometext* will also work.

Probably because the option “Prefix while typing” was enabled, in that case entering sometext is identical to sometext*

You are, of course, right :slight_smile: I’ve said it before, but your responsiveness here really rounds off your product. Never before have I experienced such excellent support (sorry I called the problem I described a bug when - once again - the bug was sitting at the keyboard :see_no_evil:)

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

From Help > Documentation > Windows > Main Window > Search Pane


ye-es… I kinda knew, but kinda forgot that the smart rule would not of itself behave in the same way and made the mistake of marking and copying the search term in the document by dragging the cursor rather than double clicking, and thus missing the concatenation. I don’t think I would have figured it without being pointed in the right direction. Maybe on a good day…

Just had a similar issue where searches weren’t behaving as I expected (the searches were excluding near matches), and sure enough, it was because “prefix while typing” was off.

I have to say, I find the phrase “prefix while typing” rather hard to understand. I constantly have to look it up to remind myself what it means. I wish there was a more clear way to say this. Like “find partial matches”.

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