DT3b6 Tagging spawns unwanted tags

When tagging a document in the inspector sidebar, by typing in prospective tags, DT3 often spawns unwanted tags during the search process.

For example, I want to tag a document with the existing tag person_maryoliver. I begin typing “maryol…” and suddenly without any chance to pick the correct tag from the suggestion list, DT3 spawns a number of tags that are basically components of what I typed. See attached image for the results:

I’m sorry that I can’t capture it while it’s happening; but it’s very fast. Oddly, if I eliminate the unwanted tags in the inspector and start over, it doesn’t happen the next time I attempt it. It’s a behaviour that has been present in at least several of the last betas, but not in DTPO 2.x.

Do you use the latest version (3.0beta6)? And does this still happen after synchronizing databases only manually and refreshing feeds manually too? See Preferences > Sync and Preferences > RSS.

Yes this is with 3.0b6.

A very cursory test with RSS refresh and sync set to manual shows that the behaviour noted above is not present.

Do your databases actually contain RSS feeds? How often are they refreshed?

They do. It was set for once-a-day. (For the test, I set to manual.)

However, the behaviour was noted before I ever added RSS feeds to my dbs. So the culprit seems to be syncing. Once I set that to manual, this behaviour has not recurred.

And does File > Synchronize (or its shortcut Ctrl-Alt-S) cause this while entering tags too?

I tried to accomplish this; but I have so few local changes right now, that I can’t seem to start the synchronization and perform the tagging process in time. You’ve made the sync too fast!

I’ll keep attempting and report back.