DT3b7 : Cancelling OCR


I’ve cancelled an OCR process on a 300-page PDF in DT about 10 minutes after it started, by clicking on the X icon in the Activity window. The progress bar disappeared but several minutes afterwards I noticed the iMac fan was still spinning and the DTOCRHelper process was at 100% CPU usage in Activity Monitor. There was no sign from the DT interface that the app was doing anything, so it seems that either the process was continuing (although cancelled) or that it wasn’t shut down properly. I’ve attached a sample of the process below, taken just before I killed it.


DTOCRHelper.txt.zip (206.1 KB)

Cancelling the OCR in the DTOCRHelper application can only occur at set points in the processing of the document. For example, if you cancel whilst the document is being opened, it will not stop processing until that operation is complete. With larger documents this can take several minutes.

Thank you. I can’t remember at what stage I cancelled the operation. But at any rate, the application should notify the user about this (the minimum would be e.g. “Stopping…”).