DT3B7 Clip to Devonthink


After selecting the Safari Extension Clip to DEVONThink, I was presented with the following dialog box. I can select Markdown format.

However, when I look at the file created, it is a Web archive, not a Markdown file. This problem is reproducible with this page.


Thank you for letting us know. We’ll have a closer look.

Interesting and confirmed. But it’s definitely specific to this page, even in a non-Safari browser (using Brave at the moment). And yes, it’s occurring in other browsers as well.

We have updated our decluttering service and this also seems to have fixed this problem. Please feel free to test it.

Awesome, it’s working great!

Thanks for following-up :grinning:

While looking around my physical surrounding, I was wandering whether the updated decluttering service still only works in DEVONthink. :blush: