DT3b7: database auto-update no longer works

Previously the newly added documents will be automatically indexed and updated when Devonthink starts and opens the database. Recently such auto-update seems not working routinely, sometimes work and sometimes not, and with beta 7 it no longer works in my case.

I apply the “Update index items” from the Menu, Empty Cache, and restart the computer, neither works. But if I manually copy such documents into the Inbox then move to related databases, it works ok but create duplicate files as a result.

Any suggestion?


In which folder and on which volume are the indexed items located?

the items are located on a mounted local hard disk and not imported into Devonthink, only indexed.

now if I select the subfolder first (3rd layer of the database), and manually do the “Update index items”, it will work, then I have to manually select all second layer subfolders one by one, and repeat the “Update index item” - previously this works automatically.

with the database already opened, and then add new item into the subfolder, it still requires manually update now.

Did you upgrade the OS recently? Does it work again after rebooting?

It is now Mojave 10.14.6. Reboot does not seem to resolve this issue - I just reboot it a couple hours ago.

also the default “Smartt Group” Today, has wrong counts of the newly added items, even after manually Update, i.e. I add a dozen new documents and Today shows 4

The default smart group just checks the modification date, therefore after importing old files they might not be found by this smart group.