DT3b7: Smart Group exclusion + Feature suggestion


  • I have a Smart Group with one condition: “Item is Duplicated”. Is there a way to make it exclude from the results items which are in a specific group (i.e. show all duplicates except those which are in a specific group)? I can’t find any “group is” condition in the drop-down menu.

  • I only ever use the toolbar for its search field, and nothing else. When I hide it with “Hide Toolbar”, it comes back on whenever I do Command+Option+F, and stays there. It could be useful to either have it disappear again when escaping the search results or, if hidden, have the search command open a floating search window (Alfred style) and just keep the toolbar hidden.


  1. No, you can’t use a Location attribute in smart groups or smart rules.
    If you enabled Exclude from: Search in the Info inspector for the group, the contents of that group wouldn’t appear in a smart group or rule.
    However, @cgrunenberg would have to assess a bug as the item count shows the total number of items, regardless of the exclusion.

  1. Development would have to assess this.
  1. Thank you. I wasn’t clear in my question, I’m afraid. The idea is to list duplicates in the entire database, but to not list at all any files of which there is a duplicate in a specific group — because you have intentionally copied a few items into it. Using your example, the item is still listed as having a duplicate, it’s just that the duplicate itself isn’t listed. What I’m looking for is a solution to avoid registering as a duplicate at all, if possible.

  2. Great. I think it would be a nice feature which nicely declutters the top of the app window.

EDIT: Actually I think the floating window would be hard to pull off successfully, because the results would be displayed behind it which would be annoying. Maybe the entire toolbar could still revert to its hidden position after exiting the search, though.

A screenshot of the conditions would be nice, a simple test shows the right count over here.

It’s merely this…

The same works fine here.

Here it is with a different gorup in another database. Note, you can’t see the operation but I excluded the New Group from searching then reselected the smart group, but it still shows 5.

Please send me a copy of the database, thanks.

On its way