DT3beta1: Happy Report

Hi All,

besides of the (the majority are minor if I’m right) issues reported here just a short HAPPY Report.
I’ve already migrated and using for a week now several DBs holding over 27.000 files and 28 GB of data as well as two media DBs (mainly indexed) with around 25.000 files and 1,1 TB (damn, my harddrive is at 75 % noticed while typing this, what a growing environment).

Due the the “drop” of Tag inheritance I’ve had to change some workflows / smart groups, already done, and didn’t get any losses, inconsistencies, slow-downs, etc. Sync through iCloud, Dropbox and direct LAN to my and my wifes iOS devices are fine. All search queries around all devices are showing same results.


Enjoy your weekend and happy new week soon!

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and yes, I’ve tons of Backups!! (just in case :smiling_imp:)

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We’re very glad to hear that, regardless if you’re running DEVONthink 3 or not! :slight_smile:

And thanks for the nice feedback!