DT3beta1: Problem entering a date in a sheet date field

I created a new sheet document that uses a date field (date only, no time). When in the sheet view I can only enter a date in the form of “May 14, 2019”. If I try to enter in any other format, the date field is left blank. I discovered that I had to use this format after entering a date in the form view and seeing that in the sheet view it used the long spelled out format.

I looked at the field data in the CSV file that was created for the sheet and the date field is in the form of “2018-01-03 00:00:00”

I can enter the date in the form view with no problem.

I didn’t find anything on the documentation about requirements for date fields for the sheets.

Will it be possible to enter dates in the sheet view as 4/5/2019, 2019/4/5, 12-11-207, or other freeform formats?

The format depends on locale & system settings, the input is parsed by the system. But we’ll check if it’s possible to improve this.

Beta 2 will improve this.

Great, Thanks!